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What Is Reputation Management & Monitoring?

Your business is vulnerable 24/7 online. Anyone can write about your business without your permission, post comments, links, videos, and more. The potential damage to your reputation can cost you lost business and, in some cases, has caused companies to shut down.

Our Reputation Management & Monitoring solutions ensure that your businesses information is consistent across the internet. This ensures that when someone searches for you, they will find you and not a potential competitor with a similar name.

Monitoring your business online is another critical aspect that all businesses must do. This means having ‘an ear to the ground’ and active listening to what is being said about your business across review sites, social media, blogs and more. The sooner you are notified that something is being said, the quicker you can respond accordingly and act to mitigate any potential threats. Let us help you monitor and manage your online reputation.

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Benefits of Monitoring Your Online Reputation

With our reputation monitoring software, we make it simple and effective to stay on top of what’s happening online.

  1. Understand who your customers are and their overall sentiment
  2. Respond to feedback on all review sites within 24 hours to build trust with consumers
  3. Mitigate & isolate the damage of any negative information online
  4. Take negative feedback as points for business improvement
  5. Instantly know whether the commentary is positive or negative

Generate More Reviews Online!

Study after study reveals how important it is for companies to have reviews for their business. Potential customers spend hours reviewing a business they plan to work with and if you don’t have any reviews or have bad reviews, you are likely losing business.

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  5. Boost search rankings
  6. Increase positive reviews

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